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Bubbles Escape is a Metroidvania style platformer designed by Team Neir in Unity. Team Neir is a team comprised of 6 designers and 3 artists over the course of four months for our final project for Full Sail University. Players will encounter a Metroid style world where they use powerups they find around the underground labs as they work their way out of the area 51 bunkers. With 3 different types of weapons, 5 enemies types, and 3 bosses. Their are many possibilities but the one goal is to escape from the bunkers alive. 

Install instructions

PC - Extract all files and open using the "Totally Not Metroid" .exe (TNM is the FKA of the game) if you encounter any problems please let us know in the comments below and we will get to it ASAP thanks!

Mac - Extract files and play using the Bubbles Escape application.


Bubbles Escape.zip 249 MB
BubblesEscapeMAC.zip 253 MB

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